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TAP DEVS was founded by an enthusiastic software engineer. Our purpose is technological innovations & ICT for socio­economic development . TAPDEVS endeavors to play at win­win situation with its clients in the larger interest of social and world­wide progression. Our company is focused on solving routine life problems of the global village. Human centered and innovative design in technology brings extra ordinary change in the normal life of people living in this era. TAPDEVS also provides technological solutions for the private and public sector national and multi­national companies in web and mobile applications development for their business management and continuous improvement.


Offering quality services and solutions globally with innovative technologies in the true spirit of corporate values, honesty, equality, corporate social responsibility, citizenship and fair dealings; aiming to provide services and solutions of quality par excellence to and beyond the level of customer delight.


TAPDEVS  promises quality technological and human centered designs, services and solutions to the valued customers with maximum effectiveness in a minimum time.


Weather it is material design in android or bootstrap in web , we are updated with latest design trends in market and make it simple and clean.


We are available to solve your queries not only during business hours but also during weekend and holidays.


Our designs fits all screens and resolutions.

Our Working Style

This is how we work at Tap Devs, do you want to see.



The standards of software development lifecycle is the standard of our work. We start with analysis and make the design. Then we start development either BDD(Behaviour driven development) or TDD(Test Driven Development) that requires various testing methodlogies during development phase such as Unit Testing, Mock Object Testing, UI testing, Functional Testing.


Project Support

At tapdevs, we do not make clients , we make business relations. Projects are being managed on trello and everything is crystal clear between us and our clients. We offer lifetime support which is FREE FOR 3 MONTHS if you report any error once your product is live.


Cloud Backups

Our code and design is stored on git repositories and we provide access to client. Commits and pushes are made regularly to track progress.


Hosting Service

We provide hosting services and take care of their servers to make sure that they are up and running at all times. We use Microsoft Azure servers to deploy our data.



IT Consultancy

We advice you how to use information technology to meet their business objectives by suggesting latest and best tools and technologies to deliver the best product in market.


Mobile App Development

We provide our services in building mobile apps targeting Android , iOS and Windows phone platforms. We use latest technologies e.g. SWIFT for iOS development and tools like ANDROID STUDIO for Android apps development. We have a dedicated team of developers who are working hard to turn your idea into reality.


Web Development

We have been working on web development for a long time and our developers are always updated with latest trends in the market . Weather its arrival of Google cloud platform or node.js for backend development.


Web Designing

Our UI/UX experts designs your web or mobile mobile product that looks attractive and provides best user experience.

Sample Pricing

  • Basic App (£10k - £15k)
  • Simple Catalogue or Form Based App
  • Potential to use an 'off-the-shelf- solution
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Published to the App Store
  • Simple App - 5-8 screens
  • Simple Admin Platform - 3-5 screens
  • Minimal Bespoke Functionality
  • No/Minimal Webservices & APIs
  • No 'Supporting Website'
  • Medium Bespoke (£15k - £30k)
  • More advanced app functionality
  • More advanced platform
  • Simple Webservices & APIs
  • Logins & User Accounts
  • Bespoke Development
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Published to the App Store
  • Bigger App- 10-20 screens
  • Better Admin Platform - 8-12 screens
  • More Bespoke Functionality
  • Some Reporting
  • 'Supporting Website'
  • Full App Platform (£30k - £60k)
  • Full advanced app functionality
  • Full advanced platform
  • Advanced Webservices & APIs
  • Logins & User Accounts
  • Bespoke Development
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Published to the App Store
  • Complex App- 20-40 screens
  • Customised User Interfaces
  • Full Admin Platform - 15-20 screens
  • Fully Bespoke Functionality
  • Full Reporting
  • 'Supporting Website'
  • Web Based version of App functionality

Our Happy Customers

See what some of our prestigious clients say about us


Overall, very satisfied with tapdevs and will continue to use for Android development in the future, both for new features and maintenance/bugfixes.

Klaus Thuesen

JanShair was really great to work with. He communicated well and was very prompt in replying and getting work done according to directions. The project was completed ahead of schedule because he achieved each task quickly. He was also very accomodating to surprises and fixing things that didn't work as we had intended. JanShair is a trustworthy contractor and a talented one. Thank you, JanShair.

Andrew Cassinelli

Janshair is awesome in communication and technical skills . The project was delivered ahead of schedule and i am very satisfied with the work . This was a test project as a proof of concept and i will definitely hire him for new projects . Highly Recommended

Boss Apps LTD

Working with Janshair has been a great experience. He is very talented and pay attention to details. The project he was tasked with was not an easy one. Yet, Janshair delivered a work of a good quality within the agreed timeline.

Franklin Ngamga



We are based in Dundee, Scotland


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